About Us

Legal Status

  • Branch of Global Tradeways Limited, BVI
  • Registered with M/s. BE. Energy, M/s. VITOL PTE, M/s. MENA Energy, DMCC, Oil 
  • Marketing International and National Refinery Limited, Pakistan.

Liaison Offices
Turkey, Pakistan, China
Geographical Markets
China, Turkey, U.A.E, Pakistan, USA
Habib Bank AG Zurich, U.A.E.
MCB Bank Limited, Dubai Branch, U.A.E.
Annual Turnover
About USD 100 Million

Nature of Business

  • Specialize in bulk quantities of Fuel Oil
  • Blending Stocks
  • Crude Coal Tar
  • Rubber Process Oil
  • Carbon Black Oil
  • Base Oil

Corporate Team

  • MBAs
  • Chartered Accounts
  • Management Accounts
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers

Trading Partners

  • M/s. BE Energy (Formally Bakri Trading Co. Inc)
  • M/s. MENA Energy , DMCC
  • M/s. Oil Marketing & Trading International
  • M/s. Glencore
  • M/s. Arya Petroleum FZE
  • M/s. VITOL Asia PTE Ltd
  • M/s. Ikon Petroleum, DMCC
  • M/s. Sunrise Petroleum FZE
  • M/s. GP Global (Formally Global Petrochem)
  • M/s. Erdemir
  • M/s. Prime Tankers LLC
  • M/s. National Petrocarbon (Pvt) Ltd